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Create a client profile and see your progress as you succeed

We make it super simple to create a profile that helps you and your trainer see your progress. This can include health history, measurements, general assessments, before and after pictures, whatever you feel is applicable. Have a specific goal? Now you and your trainer together can actually monitor your progress toward it!



Create a client profile and see your progress as you succeed

Follow the workouts created by your trainer
Stop carrying around a notebook or digging up files at the gym! With PTtrax, your trainer will create workout templates specific to YOU which you can follow whenever traveling or working out on your own. You can also see previous workouts, how many reps you did and at what weights so that you can continue the progress rather than winging it. This helps you to follow your trainer’s plans without worrying that you’re missing a step.
Best part is – all this can be done from a computer, tablet or mobile device! Want to brag to your friends? Post your workout results to social media sites.



Make scheduling with your trainer painless

STOP having to compare agendas to determine when you can schedule your next session. Quit texting, emailing, and playing phone tag with your trainer. Simply go to your trainer’s schedule on PTtrax, request an open time slot and you are done! You will receive a message from your trainer letting you know if it was accepted or needs to be moved to another time.



Easily manage your relationship with your trainer

Once you join, you can interact with your trainer for anything you need, all within your own centralized dashboard. Request a training session, reschedule when necessary, receive motivational messages, and update health history and assessments – all in one centralized place.



Your trainer doesn’t use PTtrax?

Send them a message asking them to sign up! Click here



Create personal profile and invite clients

We make it super simple to create your own profile used for marketing yourself and to invite your clients to join. Once your clients join, you can easily manage and review all their assessments, health information and workout history. You can also create your own client profiles yourself and eliminate all those records and folders!



Set up workout templates to easily assign to clients

lets you set up workout templates with customized moves that your clients will perform during training sessions. You can add multiple workouts into your own library and reuse them for different clients. This saves you time by reducing pre-session prep yet increases your effectiveness with clients.



Access your clients’ membership and work out details

With full transparency into all of your clients’ previous training sessions, you can easily see documents that have been uploaded/shared/signed, workouts that have been completed, and messages that have been sent between parties. And your clients can open session histories or assigned workouts for review instead of having to print out a stack of paperwork or carry around a notebook/folder.



View and manage personal training details

From your PTtrax dashboard, you can view an Activity feed of everything that has happened within your client base and any upcoming sessions. You can also share fitness articles with clients, view any training session requests from clients, edit client details/photos, and invite more clients at any time.



Make more money and avoid legal headaches

Because PTtrax creates a faster process for customizing workouts for your clients, you spend less time doing administrative work and more time gaining new clients and focusing on the ones you have. And because you can determine their workout progress and view all of their training details at all times, fewer mistakes happen, which means less liability risk for you. Everything is documented, everything is accessible by both you and the client, everything is simple.



Afraid of dealing with all the files you already have?

Simple. Upload pictures or scanned copies of any necessary documents right to your client’s profile using our upload feature! This way, you won’t lose any documentation and you don’t have to type anything up. Need assistance? Email us and we will set you up with our Client Assistance Team.



Your problems, our solutions.

Our vision is to bring health and fitness professionals into the future through an innovative cloud system and functional apparatus. This ultimate solution will enable these professionals to offer clients the best fitness foundation while saving personal time and resources.


Client for 3 years

I would love to have something where I can login from home and see my progress. Right now, I have to find my folder at the gym when I go and even then, it doesn’t clearly show it.


Personal Trainer for 7 years
Pivotal Fitness

I carry around a book with workouts I like and use frequently.


Personal Trainer for 2 years

Time is one of the most valuable commodities for a full time trainer. With 20 different clients its inevitable you’ll have a number of reschedules EACH WEEK.


Personal Trainer for 10 years
Got Muscle

Having a lot of clients that travel for work, I have to type up and email routines frequently.


Personal Trainer for 9 years
Hampton Hill Gym

I have hundreds of files on my clients all in filing cabinets at home. I spend about 5 hours a week planning for my clients.