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Get all your trainers on board today!

Gyms that have a professional client management system decreases prep time and increases efficiency. If you manage personal trainers, take advantage. Contact support@pttrax.com for more information.



Quickly access all clients’ information in one easy-to-navigate place.

With today’s technology, there is no reason to hunt for your clients’ workout history in filing cabinets and binders. PTtrax puts this all online, making it accessible anywhere at any time with the client profile tool.



Effortlessly duplicate your own workout templates with the click of a button

Our workout builder reduces your workload by cutting pre-session prep time. Cut down your time spent on creating programs so that you can have more time implementing them with your clients.



Lock in clients by automatically boosting your value in their eyes

Clients come to you so that they can make progress on specific fitness goals. PTtrax’s graphing makes your impact on clients undeniable and shows your clients their growth right before their own eyes.



Effortlessly gain more clients to maximize your income without increasing your workload outside of training

More clients mean more money but they shouldn’t mean more time stuck at the gym not training. Our trainer directory and social media integration strengthens your presence in the fitness world while freeing time to take on more clients.



Streamline scheduling and drastically reduce your no-shows.

Flipping through calendars to schedule appointments may not be that painful but getting stuck at the gym because your client cancelled last minute is. With our messaging and calendar tools, you can remind clients of their session all in one place at the same time. Clients also have a calendar of their own where appointments show up.



Instantaneously update client’s workouts from any mobile device, tablet, or PC

Hanging out at the gym while you are not getting paid is never fun. By being able to update stats and performance in real time while training, you are done when the workout is done, which means you go home when your clients do.


Meet our Co-Founder, Donny Pearson

While in the military, I became a trainer to help my coworkers meet their fitness goals but I didn’t realize how much planning, organizing, texting, emailing, marketing and other non-training activities were involved. I felt like I spent more time outside of training to get ready for the next day or week than actually working with my clients. I chose to train because I wanted to help people, not do paperwork. As a trainer I felt there had to be a better way to do my job.

My co-founder and I interviewed dozens of personal trainers and came up with the PTtrax solution. With our personal trainer software, you and I can now create unlimited client profiles and workout routines, schedule training sessions, graph client progress and goals and build our own customized profile with the ability to share it on social media. We can also be discovered by potential clients via our Trainer Database. The possibilities with this software are endless yet it takes less time to get things done. I know this software for personal trainers has saved me time. I am happy to know we can do the same for others.

Donny Co-Founder,